• VALS 2012

    Values-Aligned Leadership Summit


    The Leaders of Tomorrow are Here Today

    In recent years, the business community has been rocked by ethical failures, from insider trading to fraudulent financial reporting, Ponzi schemes, and other failures to stakeholders. As a result, government at every level has reacted with excessive regulations to force ethical behavior. This has resulted in a sea of red tape and this over-regulation is strangling businesses large and small and impeding their ability to compete. It's time for all echelons of business in America to become intentional about the principles of stewardship and ethical decision making championed by history's revered men and women. Let's join in a shared vision for greater accountability among today's leaders, while uniting to help stem the tide of excessive red tape on behalf of tomorrow's leaders.

    Method and Goals

    This event helps us transition to a concrete model for values-aligned leadership. We work with leaders from various fields and backgrounds to further develop our model. We ask our distinguished attendees to dialogue with our students about the model, their approaches to a developing model for ethical conduct, and their ideas for transitioning to a viable model. Our goals for the Summit are to:

    1. Expose Colorado Christian University's School of Business and Leadership as a quality values-aligned business program to executives around the country.
    2. Highlight the teaching of values-aligned leadership at Colorado Christian University.
    3. Provide an opportunity for business executives and students to network and discuss the theme of values-aligned leadership.
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