Windows into your soul

Marcus Tullius Cicero is credited to the old English proverb, “Eyes are the window to the soul.” Although no one can be certain that it originated with this Roman Philosopher, we also see this principle in the Bible. Matthew 6:22-23 states, “The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body … Continued

All it takes is one very loud voice!

One of my real pet peeves is those movie, music, video game makers who spend billions of dollars each year advertising their products in order to convince people to buy them and then turn around and deny that the product has any influence on persons who model the product and do horrible things. First, I … Continued

Half-Truths: The Costs of Unethical Marketing

Without trying to sound like the world’s worst critic of all marketing efforts out there today, it doesn’t take the average consumer long to identify products and services that fail to disclose the full truth in their overly produced advertisements.  Many companies invest significant amounts of money to create the most convincing and attractive ads … Continued

Truth in Advertising

Is there a way to have truth in advertising when the purpose is to sell a product no matter what? Would it not be amazing if there was an ad in the advertising world that was 100% true and would hold up to all scrutiny? It has been my experience that in an advertisement if … Continued

On my way to the forum.. of business ethics.

Truth in advertising has been a problem for decades in American business. When viewing a local television station, I realized how often conniving advertisements attempt to pierce the soul and engage our emotions in order to make a sale. One particular commercial that caught my eye advertised several vehicles from a local new-car sales lot … Continued