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Top 6 Characteristics of an Effective Criminal Investigator

Would you like to be a criminal investigator? Discussions about this type of position often quickly turn to the “hard skills” a criminal investigator must possess. It is fair to say that there are other skills that are just as important. Technical Skills 1. The ability to follow the U.S. Constitution and the Law. Yes,...

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5 Unexpected Jobs That Can Be Yours with A Criminal Justice Degree

With a criminal justice degree, you might think of the usual jobs you can pursue such as a police officer, a lawyer, an FBI officer, and even a forensics expert. There are also many unexpected jobs that a criminal justice degree will prepare you for. 5 jobs that can be yours with a criminal justice degree 1. Forensic Entomologist A forensic...

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Is a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice Worth It?

Dave Maloney, Assistant Professor, Colorado Christian University The criminal justice system is a complex system, consisting of many inter-related, sub-disciplines that work in unison to keep our societies safe. Law enforcement, which includes over 670,000 police officers across the US, is a major part of that system. Sometimes it appears the...

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Cracking the Code of a Criminologist

What does a criminologist do? Here's a brief look at the daily responsibilities and qualifications for those looking into jobs in the criminology field. The U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the rate of positions in the criminal justice industry will continually increase over the rest of the decade. These...

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A master's in public administration student is posing for a photo.

What Can You do With a Master's in Public Administration?

The public administration masters program through CCU can help you get a job in public service or the private sector. If you have already earned your bachelor's degree, a master's degree in public administration can prepare you for a multitude of roles within a nonprofit, a large business organization, or with the government. Colorado...

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Here are what kind of jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree.

What Kind of Job Can You Get With a Criminal Justice Degree?

Do you have a passion for criminal law, investigations, homeland security, victimology, or organizational behavior? Are you interested in working at the federal, state, and local levels? If so, working in the criminal justice field might be a good fit for you. With a degree in criminal justice, you could be presented with job opportunities in...

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