Here are what kind of jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree.

What Kind of Job Can You Get With a Criminal Justice Degree?

Do you have a passion for criminal law, investigations, homeland security, victimology, or organizational behavior? Are you interested in working at the federal, state, and local levels?

If so, working in the criminal justice field might be a good fit for you. With a degree in criminal justice, you could be presented with job opportunities in law enforcement, forensics, legal- and court-related positions, and even information security.

Whether you’re currently in a program, or you’re interested in changing your career path, here are 8 jobs you can get with a criminal justice degree.

Private Detective

  • Median pay: $45,610
  • Number of jobs: 34,900

Do you have an eye for finding information that others might not be able to? A private detective or investigator is hired by a client to find legal, financial, and personal information, as well as find missing persons.

Homicide Detective

  • Median pay: $79,620
  • Number of jobs: 106,580

Are you interested in arriving at the scene of a crime and investigating what happened? Whether you’re interested in local, federal, or state government, homicide detectives are hired to bring justice to victims.


  • Median pay: $48,810
  • Number of jobs: 279,500

If you want to fight for justice by being a key part of the case, a paralegal position might be a good fit for you. Paralegals conduct research, support lawyers, and organize paperwork, along with drafting materials needed for the case.

Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Teacher

  • Median pay: $64,460
  • Number of jobs: 14,560

Do you have a heart for teaching? After receiving an education in criminal justice yourself, become a part of others’ education. Criminal justice and law enforcement teachers can impact future justice leaders with the education they need to succeed at both the local and state levels.

Fish and Game Warden

  • Median pay: $54,970
  • Number of jobs: 5,630

Do you love the outdoors and have a passion for protecting it? Fish and game wardens not only protect private property, but they can also protect wildlife, investigate occurrences with damaged property, and conduct research.

Probation Officer

  • Median pay: $54,080
  • Number of jobs: 87,950

Probation officers assist with the rehabilitation of those who have broken the law. Once these law offenders are released from jail or are on parole, these officers are a part of their treatment, education, and employment.

Security Guard

  • Median pay: $28,460
  • Number of jobs: 1,097,660

As an entry-level position with a criminal justice degree, security guards are highly sought after all over the country. From working at events to inside hospitals and government buildings, security guards enforce rules, prevent violence, and can operate security equipment such as metal detectors.

Police Officer

  • Median pay: $60,270
  • Number of jobs: 806,400

As one of the most necessary positions within law enforcement and criminal justice, there are many jobs available for police officers. Keep the public safe, investigate crimes, and protect property in this demanding position.

Some of the jobs listed above require additional training and/or education.
Salaries and figures are provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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