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Gratitude: A Journey of Faith and Transformation

Gratitude is at the heart of Christian life. It's the humble acknowledgment of the blessings we receive daily—both big and small. The Bible repeatedly advises us to express thanksgiving in every circumstance, echoing the innate connection between gratitude, faith, and personal growth. Gratitude is recognizing the good in our lives and...

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Building Strong Parent-Teacher Relationships

Colorado Christian University prepares teachers to make a meaningful impact on the world's next generation of learners with the study of education theory, classroom management, and child development, which includes the development of parent-teacher relationships to aid every child's development. Building strong parent-teacher relationships is...

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From Healthcare to Firefighting: A CCU Student's Journey

Lanell Arnoux, a 25-year-old Colorado Christian University (CCU) student, is no stranger to challenging situations. From dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic on the frontlines to fighting wildfires as a member of the Blackfeet Fire Rescue Department, Arnoux has shown resilience and dedication in every aspect of her life. Despite the hectic nature...

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Nurturing Excellence: The Impact of Christian Education

Christian education is designed to provide a holistic approach to learning by prioritizing a high-quality education along with your spiritual, moral, and personal development. Colorado Christian University emphasizes the importance of offering you a top-tier education while holding faithful to a biblical worldview in every course. So students...

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A Guide to Living in God's Presence

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it's easy to lose sight of our divine calling - to live in the radiant light of God's love. This devotional offers practical ways to embrace that light in every aspect of your life, from your morning prayers to your nightly rest. It will help you discover how to cultivate a deeper relationship with God...

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Benefits of Christian Education

A Fresh Start: Embracing the Unending Mercy of Jesus Every Day

Life is a tapestry of various experiences—moments of wonder, joy, pain, triumph, and struggle. Amid these fluctuations, there is an unchanging constant— Jesus Christ and His unending mercy. Let's explore the profound promise of God's unwavering love and faithfulness. Christ's mercy is akin to a river that never runs dry. It...

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