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Hand holding bible with 5 Career Options with an Apologetics Degree

5 Career Options with an Apologetics Degree

As Christians, we are called to live out faith in our daily lives showing His love to others. We’re also called to be ready to defend our faith should a situation ever arise. The Apostle Peter said, “Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.” (1 Peter 3:15) In his letter to the people of Philippi, the Apostle Paul said, “The latter do so out of...

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What is the Difference Between Biblical Studies and Theological Studies?

Dr. Earl Waggoner, Dean of the School of Biblical and Theological Studies at Colorado Christian University I hear this question a lot. The reason behind asking this question is the curiosity about the different titles as it is a common assumption that they are both the same. Here's the logic: Doesn't Biblical theology come from the Bible and God's word? If so, theological data must be the same as biblical data, and vice versa, right? While I...

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What Is The Difference Between Systematic Theology and Biblical Theology?

Jeff Augustine is affiliate faculty for the School of Biblical and Theological Studies for the College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University What is Theology? Theology is a widely used term. Theology in a Christian context seeks to understand the God revealed in the Bible. So, the study of God is a study of God's revelation of Himself. Theology is essentially a study of scripture. Theology comes from combining two...

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Lee Strobel

Who is Lee Strobel?

We sat down with Lee Strobel, New York Times best-selling author and Founder of the Lee Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics to discuss why the Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics was established, his novels, and things you may not know about him! How would you describe yourself in three words? Lee Strobel: Three words, I'm committed, I'm enthusiastic, — and I'd say passionate, passionate about...

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