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7 Ways to Share Your Faith at Work

A work environment is an opportunity to share your faith and ideas with those you are around for a large portion of the day. It is always soothing to share your beliefs and faith with those you respect, even if you are in an office setting. When you share your faith at work, your goal should always focus on respectfully conveying your beliefs without making others uncomfortable. It will open more doors and allow you to reach out to more co-workers.

Enjoy Friendships at Work

The best way to share your faith is by becoming a friend first. Take time to ask about your co-workers’ lives, their family, and their own beliefs. Listen to their answers and show that you respect them. If a coworker mentions that unexpected events are leading to uncomfortable outcomes, offer to pray for them.

Talk About the Subject if it Arises

You should never hide your faith at work. If a coworker asks about your church or faith, then answer honestly about your beliefs. Honesty is always appreciated.

Act Like Yourself at Work

There is nothing less appealing than someone who acts differently outside of work as they do in the office. Do not try separating your faith from your job. It is more natural to simply be yourself and allow your faith to shine through.

Set Examples

Taking the initiative to set an example for your coworkers about your faith and beliefs will allow them to see you for yourself. Before eating a meal, take the time to pray. When others are being unkind in the office, do not allow that poor behavior to cause angry reactions. Setting these examples will allow you to show your faith, rather than speak about it.

Set up a Prayer Group

If others in the office share the same faith, then set up a prayer group. A prayer group can meet at lunch and discuss faith while welcoming anyone who asks to join.

Invite Coworkers to Events With the Church

Church events are the perfect way to reach out to others. Invite coworkers to a picnic lunch, charitable event, or other activities that the church is holding.

Treat Others With Respect

Even if your coworkers do not share your faith, it is important to respect their choice. Treating others with respect will result in obtaining the respect of others. You will have opportunities to talk about your faith in the future, even if others are not currently receptive.

Sharing your beliefs in the office will open up new doors to reach out. The key is ensuring that you are not making your coworkers uncomfortable at the same time. By remaining respectful and showing through your example, you can reach much further than simple words.

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