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The Journey to a Virtual Desktop Learning Environment at Colorado Christian University.

A degree program at any university is made up of many layers that a student will never see. This is true at Colorado Christian University as well. The components of a course include the content, the instructor, the location, the environment, and the students. This blog is about how traditional technical education is done and how CCU is changing the paradigm for technical courses using a virtual desktop environment. In the traditional model,...

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CCU Student Story: Alumna overcomes illness to serve others in Australia

EAST TAWAS, MI – The building smelled faintly of chemicals. For the sake of cleanliness, the furniture and room overall were rather austere. A muffled voice came over the intercom asking for one doctor or another. Machines beeped. The nurse’s shoes squeaked on the tile floors as they walked back and forth from one workstation to the next prepping Hanna Shields for surgery. Again. At 24 years old, Shields has been driving...

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Understanding Economic Growth vs. Economic Development?

As Christians, we are all called to serve the Kingdom by using our gifts, talents, and passions, as well as the knowledge we gain from our education and life experience. How can you do that with the study of Economics? How can you go the extra step to apply what you have learned to serve others? A brief look at the difference between Economic Growth and Economic Development will give you some ideas here! What is Economic Growth about? One of...

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Essential Guide to High-Paying Tech Jobs: Degree Paths and Career Outlooks

So you want a tech degree, but you’re not sure which route to take? As technology increases in popularity in corporations, manufacturing companies, schools, retail stores, social media, and online shopping, a career in computer technology has become increasingly appealing. 4 Degree Paths and Career Outlooks First, it is essential to understand the distinctions of each program and what you would be doing with each degree. Each...

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