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Relevant Jobs with a Master’s in Organizational Leadership

A master’s degree in Organizational Leadership is a degree that will provide you with real-world experience and relevant knowledge that allows you to apply skills that help cultivate a more collaborative and diverse workplace. This program allows you to seek advancement in management, be a versatile candidate for organizations, and is a great fit for anyone who desires to be equipped with leadership skills.

With a Master’s in Organizational Leadership degree, you can work in a variety of industries.

Here are 4 jobs you can apply for after receiving your Master’s in Organizational Leadership

1. Organizational Change Management Consultant

As a change management consultant, you will implement new processes and change within an organization, ensuring they are smooth and executed well. As a consultant, you are typically working with several different organizations at a time.

2. Marketing Manager

As a marketing manager, you are responsible for overseeing a team and being able to put your leadership skills to the test! Marketing managers are in charge of ensuring all campaigns are planned and executed with expertise and excellence.

3. Operations Manager

In an operations management position, the primary responsibility is to maintain the organization’s efficiency. This is a highly administrative position and involves working directly with different departments to ensure that all goods and services maximize return on investment.

4. Talent Manager

In Talent Management, this position will seek out new, desired talent for positions within the organization. This position not only recruits quality talent for the organization but aims to increase employee retention. This position can work directly with a Human Resources Manager.


Colorado Christian University does not guarantee any job placement as a result of earning this or any other degrees offered by the university.

The Master’s in Organizational Leadership graduate can pursue a variety of exciting and lucrative careers. This degree can equip you to become an effective asset to any organization, helping you apply relevant knowledge and create impactful change. 

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