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The High Demand of an MBA in Cyber Security

Data security is more important than ever with a digital era. Hackers are getting more clever and attacking innocent victims online. Cyber security specialists can earn lucrative salaries and help protect businesses and individuals from cyber attacks like phishing, malware attacks, credential stuffing, or brute-force attacks.

Demand for Cyber Security Professionals

According to Cyber Security Ventures, from 2013 to 2021, the cyber security industry will grow by over 350%. As a result, businesses are looking for innovative cyber security skills, from cloud security skills to development operations. A candidate's skills will depend on how the candidate prepares educationally.

If you feel called to protect people and organizations from these growing threats that cause significant damage, then a career in cyber security could be a great fit. Whether you are working full-time, raising a family, or looking to hone your career skills, an MBA in Cyber Security online will allow you to earn a degree with flexibility and convenience. In addition, the MBA will allow you to sharpen the business skills necessary to pursue a well-rounded career in cyber security.

Potential Jobs with an MBA in Cyber Security Online

  • Administrative Service Manager
  • Implementation Manager
  • Operations Manage
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Management Analyst
  • Chief Security Information Officer

Colorado Christian University's MBA in Cyber Security

CCU Online's MBA in Cyber Security will equip you with business knowledge and technical expertise that organizations and individuals across the country highly value. As a student in this 100% online MBA program, you will learn how to operate within various areas of cyber security and acquire management skills that allow you to lead within the field of information security, while learning servant leadership and biblical principles that will enrich your career in Cyber Security.


Colorado Christian University does not guarantee any job placement as a result of earning this or any other degrees offered by the university.

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