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MBA — Cyber Security Emphasis

CCU Online's MBA in Cyber Security will equip you with business knowledge and technical expertise that is highly valued by organizations and individuals across the country. As a student in this 100% online MBA program, you will learn how to operate within various areas of cyber security and acquire management skills that allow you to lead within the field of information security.

Program Focus

Business administration and information security principles

The Cyber Security MBA is designed to provide you with soft skills in theoretical aspects within the cyber world. As a student, you will cover the concepts of cyber security based on foundations of business and information security principles.

This MBA program with an emphasis in cyber security will equip you to be a servant leader while also understanding the value of protecting personal and confidential information. You will learn how to apply your Christian faith to the workplace and also how to use wisdom and discernment in regard to cyber security.

Why get an MBA in Cyber Security?

With the leadership and marketing focus in the MBA, students aspiring to become cyber security leaders or pursue other roles in business will have additional doors open in higher levels of business. Many find that they:

  • Have greater job responsibility and opportunities
  • Know how to pursue career advancement
  • Obtain professional certification
  • Discover new opportunities to give back (such as through project-based ministries designed to serve charitable causes)

Who should consider an MBA with a Cyber Security emphasis?

The Cyber Security MBA program is for those who wish to pursue a career as a leader in a business or nonprofit. The integration of faith and learning with a broad business administration background and technology base will prepare you for success in any industry.

You will be equipped with the skills needed to serve as a cyber security leader in the workplace and will also have a biblical background that highlights both the benefits of serving with excellence and making ethical decisions to further the kingdom of God.

CCU's Cyber Security emphasis courses

The Cyber Security emphasis provides you with soft skills in theoretical aspects within the cyber world. You will explore the concepts of cyber security based on the foundations of business and information security principles.

MBA in Cyber Security emphasis courses at CCU include:

  • Fundamentals of Cyber Security (CYS 502). This course introduces you to foundational concepts such as Cryptography, Security Engineering (building systems to remain dependable in the face of malice, error, or mischance), and various aspects of the modern-day computing environment (operating system, network, cloud/mobile, web, and social).
  • Cyber Criminology (CYS 530). This class applies the social and behavioral approaches used to study the causes and consequences of crimes that occur in cyberspace. You will examine various types of computer-based criminal activity as well as the social and psychological factors that contribute to the life of cybercrime.
  • Security Policy and Governance (CYS 545). This course introduces you to the major security policies through which governance is applied through compliance audits. You will explore standards in several domains to include government, health, finance, and commercial industry.
  • Business and Ethics of Cyber Security (CYS 555). This course will teach you how to perform business development in the cyber security field. You will learn about the nuances involved in running a cyber-based business. Topics covered include: financial issues in managing a secure operation, capture management, proposal development, contract vehicles, cyber security insurance, and more.

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