Endowed and Recurring Scholarships

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Scholarships Make Dreams Possible

A Christ-centered education from CCU can change a life. Yet, many students lack the financial ability to pay for a degree due to varying circumstances.

Colorado Christian University has generous donors, partners, and staff who establish scholarships for students based on merit, need, or other established criteria. We are so grateful for the generosity of our growing number of donors to the scholarship program that help make our students' dreams possible.

An Endowed Scholarship is an origination donation of at least $25,000 that establishes a permanent endowment featuring appreciated earnings (or losses) used to fund annual scholarships at CCU based on criteria given. Endowed scholarships are intended to increase annually and live on in perpetuity, awarding yearly scholarships to deserving students and sustaining the University's financial future.

A Recurring Scholarship is a donation of at least $10,000 toward the creation of a scholarship established for an annual distribution amount for a student(s) based on the originator's determined criteria. Recurring scholarships do not receive investment allocations, and are therefore protected from market declines. Recurring scholarships are set up with the understanding that the donor intends to give to the fund on a recurring basis in the future.

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Nancy Engel

Director of Strategic Philanthropy
Email: nengel@ccu.edu
Phone: 303-963-3079

Are you interested in establishing a new endowed or recurring scholarship? Or, are you looking for a particular scholarship focus (music student, School of Education, etc.)? For these or any other questions, please contact Nancy Engel, director of strategic philanthropy, for assistance.

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