Community. Education. Worship.

The Colorado Christian University community — students, faculty, and staff — gathers for chapel services every Tuesday and Thursday at 10:50 a.m. Chapel attendance is required for all students in the College of Undergraduate Studies.

Chapel services are both unique and necessary for us as a Christ-centered university. We believe that chapel helps point our hearts and minds to God as we worship Him in spirit and truth. Chapel sets the tone for the spiritual atmosphere on campus by providing weekly Christ-centered worship through both music and teaching.

We believe that chapel encourages a strong commitment to Christ in the following ways:

  • Community: Our community is one of the main facets that sets CCU apart from other higher education institutions. By gathering twice, on a weekly basis, chapel services promote a community of Christians with a distinctive purpose and sense of identity.
  • Education: Chapel provides us with a unique educational opportunity that supports and enriches the other academic programs of the institution. During chapel, the CCU community focuses on and responds to a common set of issues and information.
  • Worship: Chapel gives the whole CCU community — students, faculty, and staff — the opportunity to worship together. Because chapel services are facilitated with different worship styles, students learn to appreciate various forms and traditions of worship.