Student Handbook for Traditional Undergraduate Students

Helpful Information for College of Undergraduate Studies Students

The Student Handbook is a helpful resource for all students in the College of Undergraduate Studies.

The CCU community seeks to encourage the life of the person as an individual, so that students will understand and utilize their unique, God-given gifts and abilities. Growth in the areas of spiritual and emotional maturity, interpersonal relationships and social awareness, coupled with intellectual life, has remained the fundamental purpose of CCU, so that students become firmly centered in the person of Jesus Christ. This is the spirit of the guidelines defined in this handbook. The guidelines express a commitment to educating men and women in the course of integrating Christian faith with the learning processes that students will be involved in for the rest of their lives. These guidelines also express the University’s commitment to providing an atmosphere for study, personal exploration, and involvement in interpersonal relationships, spiritual life, and growth. These guidelines are designed to ensure that students can develop within an atmosphere most conducive to achieving goals in each of these areas, while enjoying living and learning within the spirit of the Christian community.

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