Campus Activities & Leadership

Experience and Contribute to the CCU Community

The Campus Activities and Leadership department strives to enhance the students ’ educational experience through holistic care and leadership development by facilitating interaction and programs outside of the classroom.

Whether you relish the great outdoors, friendly and exciting competition, creative arts, leadership opportunities, or simply the comfort of belonging Campus Activities and Leadership offers a variety of on campus activities that are bound to that are designed to meet your individual interests. All programming from Campus Activities and Leadership is planned with the input and involvement from student leaders with the hope of promoting experiences that are filled with fun, growth, and fellowship on campus. We place an emphasis on the value and importance of a strong, life-giving community and culture at CCU, and we invite you as a student to participate in this pursuit.

Here are a few areas within Campus Activities and Leadership that allow you to be an active member of the community at CCU:

The great outdoors?

Explore the beautiful state of Colorado and participate in the thrilling outdoor adventures that await you by joining a Best of Colorado excursion. Embrace the fullness of Colorado seasons by adventuring in the heat of the ever-present sunshine and in the frost of majestic snowfall. We intentionally seek to provide a new set of adventures for each semester. 

Friendly Competition?

Become a member of a team that cheers for you as you cheer for them. Get your competitive and athletic game on, join or create a team, and participate in the variety of sports, tournaments, and leagues that are offered by the Intramural Sports Program.

The Creative Arts

Express your creativity, and experience the creativity of others, by participating in Art Series events. Art Series seek to engage students with unique experiences that expand and cultivate an appreciation for the arts and culture as a whole. It provides opportunities for you to grow in new artistic appreciation, and it serves as an outlet for your creative passions to flourish.

Leadership Opportunities

Serve as a student leader in one of over 300 leader positions carrying 107 different titles, in 10 different departments. Be an active member of the CCU community by working with a team that strives to develop your leadership skills through collaboration, implementation, and execution. Become a meaningful and influential contributor of what happens behind the scenes in Campus Activities and Leadership that is promoted to the student body.

The Comfort of Belonging

One pursuit of Campus Activities and Leadership is to meet the varying interests of all CCU students. We desire for you to get involved in a capacity that you are passionate about as well as feel the comfort of belonging that we seek to foster.

Student Organizations constitutes over 50 different student-led clubs and opportunities that allow you to hold leadership roles, discover and develop new and existing interest, and impact the community. You are even given the opportunity to start your own club!

Student Government/Senate is composed of student body representatives and executive council members who are well informed and confident, proactively gain understanding of CCU, and passionately advocate on behalf of others in order to serve as an effective channel of communication for the purpose of community growth.

Campus Activities Board facilitates fun and memorable experiences that showcase CCU student talent, enhance community and engage the entire CCU student body. CAB plans exciting and fun events both on and off campus to make your experience at CCU the best it can be.