CCU Alumni Association

CCU Alumni Association

The President's Lecture Series and topical webinars provide students, faculty and staff opportunities to learn from great authors, speakers, theologians, philosophers, statesmen, and historians. Please join us in watching these events!

Welcome Back, CCU Alumni!

Your ties to Colorado Christian University, or one of our nine heritage institutions, don't end once you leave campus! We have been welcoming more than 100 years of graduates into the CCU alumni association.

We are grateful for the many contributions you have made along the way, helping make CCU a great university!

We welcome your ongoing involvement in the CCU community — staying in touch with other alumni and continuing to impact the world for Christ.

We hope you enjoy connecting through the Alumni section of our website with classmates, faculty and staff from your school.

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Kara Johnston

Director of Alumni and Parent Relations
Phone: 303-963-3320

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Our heritage institutions

Denver Bible Institute • Denver Bible College • Rockmont • Western Bible Institute • Western Bible College • Colorado Baptist Junior College • Colorado Baptist University • Colorado Christian College • Colorado Christian University

Stay Connected to the Community

  • Connect

    Share Your News with the CCU community. We want to know about your accomplishments, news, and adventures!

  • Music

    Alumni can receive free tickets to many excellent music and theater performances put on by CCU's School of Music.

  • Go Cougars!

    At CCU, our athletes play to win. But every time they compete, they play to honor Jesus Christ — our audience of One.

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