What Makes CCU Different?

Colorado Christian University is unique among colleges and universities.

CCU is first and foremost an academic community of committed Christian believers rooted in a profound respect for higher learning framed within the Christian worldview. The community respects the pursuit of truth and the development of the life of the mind. The University seeks to develop in each learner the capability to distinguish fact from fallacy, truth from error, and freedom from license.

The University does not cultivate the mind at the expense of the heart. Rather, it emphasizes development of Christian character and spirituality with the intent of sending graduates with personal Christian commitment and an informed sense of Christian morality into today’s communities and workplaces to provide leadership. CCU emphasizes the development of compassion, social concern, and a sense of biblical justice in the lives of its students. Likewise, the University seeks students, faculty members, and staff from diverse backgrounds.

The University is evangelical and interdenominational. Since the time of the mergers creating CCU, it has identified itself, not with any specific denominations, but with the broader, historic evangelical faith, and the University continues to honor and to define that identity. As the evangelical tradition has been shaped by the great movements of church history, evangelicals have found themselves in the center of the Christian spectrum, holding a genuine respect for both special and general revelation, seeking with intellectual rigor to harmonize what God has revealed through both scripture and creation. As an evangelical institution, the University employs a faculty which represents a variety of perspectives, all within the defining boundaries of the evangelical Christian faith. This blend of evangelical viewpoints affords students a thought-provoking but still supportive environment in which to mold their own personal Christian convictions.

The University advocates and teaches investigative study and the proper methods of scientific research and technological innovation. Still, it recognizes that empirical reasoning alone cannot satisfy the deep need of each person for a personal relationship with God, the Creator of all things. As a community of believers, CCU recognizes that God is known through Jesus Christ. As a community of learners, CCU recognizes that this understanding of God in Jesus Christ is the beginning of wisdom.

The University's primary academic focus is on excellence in teaching, while providing opportunities for research and performance by both faculty and students. The University prizes academic excellence as a virtue and encourages students to strive for such excellence.

CCU is a university of the liberal arts and professions with institutional roots that include an undiminished respect for the authority and truthfulness of Scripture as the foundation of God’s creative revelation of Himself to humanity. The Bible offers a sure foundation for understanding God, humanity, and the world, and for sound thinking, wise living, and Colorado Christian University Policy effective service. The arts and sciences belong to God and are to be prized, explored, enjoyed, and influenced by Christians. As a result, students gain broad exposure to art, history, literature, music, philosophy, science, and other fields of study, all of which are informed from a biblical perspective. Equally the University believes that Christian scholarship is practical and that upon the foundation of the biblically-informed liberal arts curriculum, students must be enabled to work productively in society and to earn a living.

As a Christian university, CCU places a strong emphasis on personal discipleship and preparation for ministry. Students are encouraged to mature in their relationship with Christ and in their service for Him. Scripture states that all Christians are called to serve Christ and to minister to others. Because Christians are individuals having different gifts and callings, they can serve Christ in a variety of ministry vocations. By involving our students in service to the church and community, CCU helps prepare them for a lifetime of service — taking the light of Christ into the world.

For the law was given through Moses; grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.
– John 1:17 (ESV)