Great buildings don't make great universities, but a great university requires great buildings.

What began over a century ago as a simple classroom with one teacher and two students has since flourished into Colorado Christian University’s thriving Lakewood campus, now home to 1,500 undergraduates annually. Today, we invest in tomorrow’s leaders to impact the world with grace and truth in nearly every industry, art form, or mission field – and all because of our generous supporters.

Over the past decade alone, God has worked through the gifts of alumni, friends, and faithful donors like YOU, helping us extend our reach on the road to becoming a GREAT Christian university. With CCU's enrollment steadily rising, there's a pressing need to keep up with the momentum on our campus. As we pursue our strategic priority to “Be a GREAT Christian university,” we ask that you would prayerfully partner with CCU – help us establish academic buildings that attract top students and faculty, athletic facilities that champion our student-athletes and foster community, equipment and technology that support learning and innovation, and residence halls that open the door for more students to pursue their passions for Christ. Your investment in CCU's growth is an eternal commitment to impacting lives through our students.

Your support is crucial for advancing Christ-centered education and ensuring a lasting impact on generations to come. Please consider contributing to Colorado Christian University – your generosity propels our mission forward.

Impacting Student Lives

  • Armstrong Center Steeple Signing

    Students, faculty, and staff attended the Armstrong steeple signing in anticipation of the construction of the building and its impact on generations to come.

  • Constructing a Legacy

    Join us in constructing state-of-the-art facilities for educating students to lead and impact the world for His kingdom.

  • Rockmont Hall Dedication

    As CCU's fourth new building in five years, Rockmont Hall continues the dramatic transformation of our Lakewood campus, housing up to 330 undergraduate students and offering a variety of amenities.

  • Moving Forward With Conviction

    Partner with CCU in advancing Christ's kingdom to build the church, change our culture, and impact the world for Christ.

Construction Timeline