Make Your Voice Heard

Associated CCU Students (ACS) exists to represent the collective student body, and provides you with an avenue to voice your opinions. ACS strives to serve the communities of CCU and the greater Denver-Metro area by coordinating events and services to address voiced needs.

ACS is comprised of the following groups: Senate, University Programming Council, Student Organizations, Residence Housing Association, and Student Standards and Accountability Board. Each of these branches has its own appointed student leader.


Senate is the representational part of ACS and is comprised of 15 student senators representing each group of the Associated Students, each of the five academic schools of CCU, and each graduating class.

Senators present legislation and initiatives to help meet student needs and address important issues on campus. All students are welcome to attend Senate meetings that occur on a bi-weekly basis. However, senators are the only students allowed to vote on legislation.

Student Standards and Accountability Board

The Student Standards and Accountability Board (SSAB) is responsible for hearing student cases concerning discipline appeals, as deemed appropriate in the Student Judicial Model. SSA’s main purpose is to discern between what is true and what is false and assist in carrying out the University's discipline process found in the Student Handbook.

The goal of SSAB is to remain teachable, approachable, and professional, and to exercise wisdom on each case-by-case student infraction.

Residence Housing Association (RHA)
Student Organizations

The Associated Students charter student-led groups to be a part of Student Organizations. CCU boasts over 30 Student Organizations, including ministry opportunities, service on campus, related hobbies, interests, and groups based on majors.