Colorado Christian University
CCU at a Glance

CCU at a Glance

College of Undergraduate Studies Facts

CCU is looking for students who are committed to growing spiritually, who are well-prepared academically, and who expect to contribute to their community. Here's a snapshot of the student body in our College of Undergraduate Studies, based on 2018-2019 statistics.

Freshman Class of 2019

  • Average Grade Point Average: 3.81
  • Average Test Scores: ACT - 24.7; SAT - 1169
  • 2,271 applications received; 439 enrolled
  • 57% acceptance rate
  • 55% are from outside Colorado

Total Student Body

  • 1,414 students from 44 states and several foreign countries
  • 1:2 male to female ratio
  • 83% retention rate for freshmen (fall 2018 - fall 2019)
  • 69% live on campus
  • 18% of the student body are part of an ethnic minority
  • 18% traveled abroad with CCU2theWorld in 2018-19
  • 50 Christian denominations represented

Faculty and Students

  • 66 full-time faculty members
  • Student to faculty ratio 16:1
  • Average class size: 16 students

Financial Aid

  • Over $23 million dollars in financial aid distributed (traditional undergraduate)
  • $20,683,461 in Institutional Scholarships/grants awarded
  • $1,831,178 in federal scholarships/grants awarded
  • $912,024 in Colorado state scholarships/grants awarded
  • 99% of students qualified for some form of financial aid

Cougar Athletics

  • 207 student athletes participate in NCAA Division II Athletics
  • 15 sports teams
  • 13 NCAA All-American student athletes
  • 7 RMAC Sportsmanship Cups

*Please remember these numbers are averages. CCU seeks highly motivated and talented individuals; therefore, test scores and GPAs alone do not guarantee admission or denial. The University admits a wide variety of students who present academic profiles above and below these averages. Facts and Statistics are compiled from the University's census data records which are updated annually.