CCU Students are Making a Difference

CCU students strive to be better leaders. They live up to a higher standard. They get outside their comfort zones and push their limits. They don’t just talk about service and ministry...they actually do it. None of our ministries are staff or faculty-led; students initiate and coordinate every single ministry opportunity that originates on campus. Here are just some of the ways that CCU students are making a difference in the local community.

All Things Ministry

All Things is a ministry that encourages the patients at Children’s Hospital Colorado and their families through crafts, activities, and parties to brighten their day and provide them with a change of pace from hospital life.

Cross Nations

Cross Nations is a refugee ministry that seeks to welcome the foreigner among us. We share the love of Christ with refugees by spending time with them and helping them integrate into American culture.


Sojourners (Sojos) is an evangelical street mission to the Denver area, reaching the homeless population by providing food and developing friendships with the vision to spread the Gospel and make disciples.


West Side Ministries began in 1993 with a group of CCU students who committed to work in an inner-city neighborhood on Denver's west-side. Over thirty years later we still serve in the same community.

West Side's primary hope is to bring at-risk urban children and their families the Gospel, broader opportunities, and new options. Volunteers commit to one afternoon or evening a week. We facilitate after-school Bible clubs and one-on-one tutoring for school-aged kids.

Young Hearts

Young Hearts is a ministry to nursing homes and senior living centers that simply loves on the residents there. We conduct a Bible study with them, build relationships with them, and, most importantly, show Christ’s love to them.