Living Life Together

At CCU, we believe that you were not created to go through life — especially college — alone. Discipleship groups (D-Groups) provide you with the chance to get to know other students on a deeply spiritual level.

We understand that it could be intimidating for you to pursue spiritual growth with new peers. To get you started, we place you in a D-Group with a few other freshmen of your same gender.

D-Groups meet once a week throughout the first semester and offer you a consistent community where you can seek encouragement, accountability, and support. It's also a safe place to ask questions in a small group, share prayer requests, and become actively engaged in one another's spiritual lives.

All of the D-Groups incorporate prayer and Bible study into their meetings. Some groups also choose to study a book written by a popular Christian author, hold discussions on global issues that affect the Christian life, or volunteer to serve with a local Denver ministry.

Ultimately, each group's focus is to grow closer to the Lord while growing closer to one another by building authentic relationships. It's up to you and your D-Group leader to determine how that happens!