Planned Giving

Leaving a Legacy at CCU

Colorado Christian University has been blessed by a growing number of legacy partners who have generously remembered the University in their financial plans. These partners — past and present — have cared deeply for the distinct, Christ-centered liberal arts higher education mission of CCU. Without these generous legacy gifts, CCU would be a much different place today — and the same holds true for the future.

Making a planned gift is not just for those with enormous wealth or special financial expertise. Planned giving is for anyone with a generous spirit who wants to remember CCU in their end-of-life financial stewardship.

There are many creative options to consider in making a legacy gift to the university — while benefitting from immediate and end-of-life tax benefits. A planned gift does not have to be a big commitment or just for the wealthy. In fact, most gifts are simple, end-of-life beneficiary gifts. These gifts — when combined with hundreds of others — provide abundant, sustainable financial support.

Introducing Giving Crowd

Join the Harwood Legacy Society

On rare occasions, the generosity of a family is so profound that it forever alters the course of an institution.

In 1959, the Harwood family donated a large parcel of land in Morrison, Colorado, to Western Bible Institute, one of Colorado Christian University's heritage institutions. The donation, valued at $140,000 when it was made, is now referred to as Lyons Ridge — a legacy gift that has yielded cumulative revenues and donations greater than $25 million and climbing.

In recognition of the Harwood family's considerable and continued support of CCU, the University's legacy-giving society has been named in their honor. The Harwood Legacy Society recognizes individuals and families who have designated a planned gift or legacy donation to Colorado Christian University and pays tribute to those who have stood with our Christ-centered liberal arts higher education mission.

When you create or declare a planned gift or legacy gift naming CCU as its beneficiary, you become a member of the Harwood Legacy Society. In essence, you are investing confidently in the future of this great university, its students, faculty, and gospel-soaked mission.

Harwood Family Legacy

I think my father and grandfather would both be very excited about CCU ... the way it's grown and developed and the way that their gift was multiplied.
– Vance Harwood

Mark Heckelmann

Director of Major and Planned Gifts
Phone: 303-963-3343

To discuss how you can make a planned or legacy gift to Colorado Christian University, contact Mark Heckelmann, director of major and planned gifts. May the Lord lead you and bless you as you consider stewarding your financial legacy for the glory of His great name — alone.

Explore Legacy Planning

Ask the Lord to lead you in your decisions and stewardship execution. The trained staff of CCU's Office of University Advancement is more than able to assist you as you consider leaving a planned and legacy gift to Colorado Christian University.

Charitable Gifts

CCU deeply appreciates and is able to accept a variety of gift types, including cash, stocks, real estate, legacy giving, and more.

Advancement Team

Contact University Advancement for assistance with questions, donations, and legacy planning.

Gift Matching

If your employer offers a gift-matching program, you may be able to double your gift to CCU!

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