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Online MBA Program
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Online MBA Program

Business Administration Master's Degree, MBA

The online MBA programs at Colorado Christian University equips future business and nonprofit leaders and managers with a broad business administration and technology knowledge-base taught from a Christian worldview.

As an online MBA degree student, you will explore the concept of “servant leadership” and consider how to incorporate the eternal wisdom and love of Jesus Christ in the way you lead others in the business environment. Upon graduation from one of our MBA online programs, you will be prepared with the skills and tools required for excellence in leading and growing your organization in the global economy.

MBA Emphases

MBA students must choose one of four emphases: Leadership, Advanced Accounting, Health Care Administration, or Project Management.

Everything you need to successfully complete your master's in Business Administration degree online is available to you from your computer. You can log in to view your instructors’ presentations, participate in discussions with your classmates, and submit your weekly assignments at your convenience.

Who is a good fit for an MBA program?

Leadership-oriented MBA programs are ideal for adults who aspire toward senior management positions, such as CEO or COO, or want to be successful business owners or ministry leaders. CCU's online MBA degree program's leadership principles and skills apply to students in both for-profit and nonprofit fields, as well as the military, law enforcement, and virtually any organizational setting. This is one of the top MBA programs in Colorado and around the U.S.

CCU’s MBA leadership courses attract skilled professionals from diverse industries, giving you the opportunity to learn from your peers, as well as your professors. You'll have in common the desire to become more effective leaders who are grounded in Christian ethics.

Targeted business leadership courses

The Master of Business Administration leadership courses include:

  • Leadership and Management I (LED 501). The leadership and management course helps learners understand the theories and realities of the managerial functions and processes in organizations. The course also explores organizational leadership/”followership” issues with special emphasis on the Biblical principles related to organizational leadership.
  • Problem Solving & Decision Making for Leaders (LED 505). This course will give you a set of analytical tools and systematic processes for evaluating management situations in a structured way. You’ll become better equipped to identify organizational needs and weigh management solutions and alternatives.
  • Values Aligned Leadership (LED 510). This thought-provoking course will help you integrate the Bible and Christian ethics with modern-day decision making.
  • Leading in Intercultural Business Environments (LED 515). The purpose of this course is to explore ideas that help us lead effectively with people from diverse business cultures. Basic tenets of leading will be examined and introductory concepts of cultural understanding will be explored. The field of inquiry will then be integrated to begin a process of thinking about leading in intercultural contexts.

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