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Advance your career with a Certificate in Entrepreneurship

If you are interested in becoming an entrepreneur, Colorado Christian University’s Entrepreneurship Certificate will help you develop skills related to “entrepreneurship as a mission.” CCU's entrepreneur training is a vehicle to share the Gospel on the mission field, whether in starting a local franchise, working in a family business, or helping a village become self-sustainable overseas. The certificate in Entrepreneurship is designed to help you craft an entrepreneurial mindset, which is vital for business start-ups as well as in established organizations.

Program Focus

Entrepreneurship as a mission; starting and running a business; social, sustainable and mission entrepreneurship; and entrepreneurial growth

Within these entrepreneur courses, you will also be required to evaluate opportunities to promote self-employment through creativity and the use of God-given talents.

The Entrepreneurship Certificate is available as a stand-alone program, or you may transfer 12 credits from the certificate to a CCU bachelor's degree in Business with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. The Entrepreneurship Certificate can also be used to supplement a CCU bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Business, Information Systems Management, or Organizational Management in Christian Leadership, Human Resource Management, or Project Management.

If you have any questions about pursuing your entrepreneurship studies through Colorado Christian University’s Entrepreneurship Certificate Program, please contact us.

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