Payment Options for Adult Students

How Adult Students Pay for College

Students in the College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University have several options for paying tuition and fees for their coursework. Please review the options outlined below.

Payment or payment arrangements for all tuition and fees charges are due in full the first day of the semester.

If registration occurs after the first day of the semester, payment in full is due upon registration. If you are unable to pay the full amount upon registration, please contact the Service Central office to set up one of the following payment options. Failure to make payments as scheduled will result in finance charges assessed on the outstanding balance.

CCU correspondence with students is primarily through email. Students are responsible for keeping their email contact information up-to-date and checking their email regularly for information regarding their CCU account.

Students can access their billing statements online through their Self-Service account. In Self-Service, please click on "Account Activity" to view your account summary, including tuition and fee charges, pending financial aid, and payment history. You can also view your statement of account and make payments on an outstanding balance.

Students may grant permission to spouses or other individuals to access their student account statement and activity and make payments directly to CCU. For detailed instructions on how to designate Proxy access to your student account, please see the Proxy information page.

CAGS students receive an email notification regarding their billing statement. E-Billing allows students to access their billing statements online rather than waiting for paper bills. E-Bills are CCU’s official method of billing as no paper statements are produced or mailed. For more information, please review the E-Bill web page.

Payment Options

Full Payment Method

Student pays the full semester charges (or the portion not covered by financial aid and other outside sources) at the time of registration.

Payment can be made as follows:

  • Cash: Pay in person at the Service Central office. Do not mail cash.
  • Personal Check: Make your check payable to Colorado Christian University. Include your name, CCU ID number, current address, and phone number on the face of the check.

    Mail your payment to:
    Colorado Christian University
    Attention: Student Payments – Dept. 51101
    8787 W. Alameda Ave.
    Lakewood CO 80226
  • Certified Funds: Make cashier’s check, money order, or other certified funds payable to CCU. Include your name, CCU ID number, current address, and phone number on the face of the check. For mailed payments, please mark the envelope “Attention Student Payments - Dept. 51101” for expedited processing.
  • Credit Card: Official Payments Corp. (OPC) is a third-party service provider, contracted by the University for the electronic processing of credit card payments. Users of the OPC platform are subject to OPC’s Terms and Conditions. OPC accepts Discover®, MasterCard®, and Visa®. In order to support this service, OPC adds a service fee of 2.5% to the total payment of your transaction. This fee is retained by OPC, and no portion of the fee is remitted to CCU. You can either pay by accessing the secure online payment page on Self-Service, or by using a touch-tone telephone and dialing a toll-free number 866-480-6861. Read our Online Payments FAQ for more information.
  • Electronic Check (ACH): An electronic check is a no-fee, one-time authorization to automatically debit your checking account. You can either pay by accessing the secure online payment page on Self-Service, or by using a touch-tone telephone and dialing a toll-free number 866-480-6861. You will need to provide your checking account number and the routing/transit number, which is a unique series of numbers that identifies your financial institution. Read our Online Payments FAQ for more information.
  • Credit card convenience checks may be used as electronic check payments. There is no service fee on any electronic check payment. Contact your credit card issuer to understand what fees it may charge for use of its convenience checks.
  • International payments: We have partnered with TransferMate to provide seamless international payments through your online student account. Log into your student Self-Service account, select Make A Payment, choose TransferMate from the dropdown menu, and follow the prompts.

    For more information about making international payments through TransferMate, please watch the TransferMate video for easy instructions.
Third-party Deferred Payment Option for Employer Reimbursement Programs

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement plans to employees continuing their education. Contact your company’s human resources or benefits department to see if this cost-saving option is available to you. Deferred payment enables you to carry a balance for up to one semester, interest-free while waiting for reimbursement from an employer or government agency. You must complete the Third Party Deferred Payment Option, and include a copy of your employer’s reimbursement policy. There is a $25 administrative fee to activate this plan. Each semester the plan must be updated with an additional $25 administrative fee.

Veterans/GI Bill® Benefits

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

CCU is approved for federal veterans’ education benefits to qualified students. Applicants for these benefits may secure forms by contacting Service Central at Eligible students should keep in mind that benefits may not be received for a number of weeks after enrollment and should be prepared to meet University expenses until the veteran benefits arrive. Third-Party Deferred Payment Option may be used for qualified students with GI Bill® benefits.

Automatic Monthly Payment Plan

CCU offers students the option to pay their tuition and fees through an automatic monthly payment plan called TouchNet. Monthly payments will be automatically deducted from a personal bank account or credit card. The payment plan agreement can be set up each semester to allow students to budget their tuition costs monthly. The maximum number of months that can be used for the plan each semester is four months. The payments are taken out of a checking or savings account on the 15th of every month until the balance is paid in full.

Students set up the payment plan in their Self-Service account. Go to the Payment Plans tab in Self-Service Student Finance to be taken to the TouchNet portal and set up your payment plan. Your payment plan balance will automatically update as changes are made to your student account balance to accommodate adding and dropping a class, financial aid disbursements to your account, or other changes made to your student charges.

Students can grant spouses, parents, or other third parties access to their personal information by granting proxy access to their student account. Granting this access allows the student’s proxy to make payments and set up payment plans on behalf of the student. Students who have already granted proxy access to a spouse or parent will need to add permission to set up a payment plan. See Granting Proxy Access for more information.

Financial Aid Method

To receive a financial aid award a student must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Financial Aid must be applied to the student bill. Please note: no financial aid funds can be disbursed without documentation of high school or GED completion. Overpayment will be refunded to the student. If financial aid does not pay the entire bill, the student is responsible to pay the remainder of the bill through either a Full Payment Method or a Monthly Payment Method.

  • Keep your email contact information up-to-date, and check your email inbox regularly.
  • Your current balance information is in your Self-Service account. Do not wait for a bill to make your payment.
  • Make sure your billing address is correct.
  • Students unable to meet their financial obligations to the University will not be allowed to register for future classes, and will not receive an official transcript or diploma.

To receive a refund of your credit balance, you may request that the credit on your CCU account be direct deposited to a bank account of your choice. Direct deposit is the quickest and simplest way to receive your credit balance refund. Course participation and attendance will be determined before financial aid is disbursed. For all CAGS students, any financial aid credit balance that remains after tuition and fees are covered will be refunded according to the disbursement schedule.

To request a direct deposit of the credit balance on your CCU account, simply log into your Self-Service account and click on "Banking Information." You will then be asked to enter your bank account information, which will electronically direct your refund to your personal bank account. Please allow ten business days for changes to your banking information to take effect. More information can be found on the Credit Balance Refund FAQs (PDF).

When no bank account information is received for a student with a credit balance, a refund check is sent to the address on file on the student’s account. Please verify your address is current and allow 5-7 business days to receive your refund.

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