• Don't let common myths about financial aid keep you from applying for and getting money to help pay for college. Check out this video from StudentAid.gov for helpful tips.

    More Questions about Financial Aid for your College Education?

    If you have further frequently asked financial aid questions, we are here to help, as it is important that you use all resources available to you in financing your education. New students in CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies must complete CCU's Application for Admission and the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) prior to receiving a financial aid award. To qualify for federal financial aid, continuing students must complete the FAFSA on an annual basis. Questions regarding financial aid awarding should be referred to the Service Central office. Information about financial aid for graduate students can also be found here.

  • College of Adult and Graduate Studies Financial Aid FAQs

    Can adult students apply for financial aid?
    Qualified students can take advantage of a full range of federal financial aid programs as well as veterans and vocational benefits. Learn more about financial aid options for adult undergraduate and graduate students. 
    How much will my degree cost?
    Visit our College of Adult and Graduate Studies Tuition website to see the cost per credit hour and other fees for specific programs. For adult degree completion students, every degree plan is customized using previous college transcripts. The cost of your degree will be based on the remaining credits hours required to complete your degree.
    Can I spread out my payments to CCU?
    CCU has several payment plan options available to fit your needs.
    When are my CCU tuition and fees due?
    To secure course enrollment, payment arrangements for all tuition and fee charges are due upon registration. Failure to finalize payment arrangements by the due date may result in de-registration from semester courses. Service specialists in the Service Central office are available to answer questions regarding financial aid and payment options. Call 303-963-3040 or 844-25-START, or email StudentPayments@ccu.edu.
    How do I make an online payment by credit card or checking/savings account?
    Log into your WebAdvisor account and click on "Make a Payment." Choose the term or terms you wish to pay for, and what your payment will be for each term. Choose the method of payment: Electronic check (ACH), American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. Follow the instructions and fill out required fields. You will be provided a confirmation number at the end of the transaction. See Payment Options for more information.
    How do I make a credit card or electronic check payment by phone?
    Call toll free 866-480-6861. You will need to provide your checking/savings account number and the routing/transit number, which is a unique series of numbers that identifies your financial institution. You will also need your student ID. A confirmation number will be provided at the end of the transaction. See Payment Options for more information.
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    Email: financialaidsupport@ccu.edu