Financial Aid Documents for the College of Adult and Graduate Studies

Financial Aid Documents for Adult Students

To help guide students in CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies (CAGS) through the financial aid process, CCU has put together the following financial aid documents and resources. Select the appropriate academic year.

  • Financial Aid Verification — Must be completed only by students who have been required to do so by the Service Central office. Please turn in your completed worksheet to the Service Central office via the Verify My FAFSA online portal.
  • Financial Aid Process — Offers students a step-by-step guide for completing the financial aid application process
  • Automatic Payment Plan — Students have the option to pay their tuition and fees through a monthly payment plan, set up for one semester or annually.
  • Cash by Class Payment Plan — Enables students who are paying with cash, check or credit card to enroll in all of their courses at the start of the semester without having to pay their balance in full at the time of registration.
  • Third Party Tuition Reimbursement Deferred Payment Plan — Enables a student to carry a balance, interest free, for up to one semester while waiting for reimbursement from an employer or government agency.
  • Credit Balance Refund FAQs — If your account has a credit balance, you may request a refund through your Student Self-Service account by entering your bank account information. You will then receive a direct deposit of your refund.
  • Colorado Residency Form (CCU log in required) — All students who are eligible for Colorado state financial aid must submit the Colorado Residency form.
  • 2023 1098-T FAQs — The 1098-T Forms are mailed to students each January, for qualified tuition and fee payments received in 2023.

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