Economics Degree Online, B.S.

Economics Bachelor's Degree, B.S.

In highly competitive job markets, a Bachelor of Science in Economics degree provides a strong quantitative foundation to go into many fields, such as law, management, international relations, public administration, healthcare, analytics, as well as graduate studies in economics.

Program Focus

CCU's bachelor's in Economics emphasizes economic development, preparing students to engage with the world and serve as leaders who transform their professions, churches, and communities.

CCU's B.S. in Economics combines the concepts of market theory, capitalism, macro- and microeconomic policy, and quantitative problem-solving/econometrics to give you a solid economic foundation. You will study the latest in healthcare economics, big data, money and banking, and business finance. An international perspective rounds out the program with courses in international political economy and economic development.

The bachelor's in Economics program is designed from a biblical perspective and emphasizes service to the least advantaged. You will be challenged to understand poverty and inequality in our world. Additionally, you will learn to apply critical thinking to the problems of poverty through the use of economic analysis.


The dual degree option allows you to earn your Bachelor of Science in Economics while completing some of the coursework toward your Master of Science in Economics, saving you time and money when you enroll in a graduate program. You can even complete both degrees 100% online. Learn more about CCU's dual degree programs.

Two graduate-level courses are incorporated into the bachelor's in Economics, and upon acceptance into the master's program, students can apply those credits toward the M.S. in Economics.

Economics at CCU Online

The B.S. in Economics will prepare you to think critically and to apply both quantitative tools and economic reasoning to business, government, and nonprofit organizations in the domestic arena, and also to economic development organizations serving the poor in the international arena. A faith-based, biblical worldview is integrated into every course.

There is a strong demand for graduates who can do the deeper theoretical and critical thinking than what a general business major provides. CCU's bachelor's in Economics will directly prepare you to enter CCU’s master's in Economics program. You can even earn graduate-level credit while completing your undergraduate degree. The program also provides a strong foundation for law school and other advanced degrees.

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