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MBA — Leadership Emphasis

Leadership-oriented MBA programs are ideal for adults who aspire toward senior management positions, such as CEO or COO, or want to be successful business owners or ministry leaders. CCU's online MBA degree program's leadership principles and skills apply to students in both for-profit and nonprofit fields, as well as the military, law enforcement, and virtually any organizational setting. This is one of the top MBA programs in Colorado and around the U.S.

CCU's MBA leadership courses attract skilled professionals from diverse industries, giving you the opportunity to learn from your peers, as well as your professors. You'll have in common the desire to become more effective leaders who are grounded in Christian ethics.

Program Focus

Leadership theory and ethical practice; financial responsibility and control; markets and promotional strategy; problem solving and decision making; human resource management; international business; and research skills

Many of CCU's MBA graduates have found that an MBA degree with a leadership emphasis can open the door to:

  • Greater job responsibility and opportunities
  • Career advancement, and/or
  • New opportunities to give back

Who should get an MBA with a Leadership emphasis?

MBA degree students who select the leadership emphasis is designed for individuals who aspire toward senior management positions, such as CEO or COO, or want to be successful business owners or ministry leaders.

CCU’s Leadership MBA Courses

CCU’s MBA in leadership courses integrate academics with moral principles from Scripture, so you can grow as a servant leader, strengthen your ethical framework, enhance and build valuable career skills, and responsibly influence your profession.

The leadership MBA courses at CCU include:

  • Leadership and Management I (LED 501). This course helps learners understand the theories and realities of the managerial functions and processes in organizations. The course also explores organizational leadership/"followership" issues with special emphasis on the Biblical principles related to organizational leadership.
  • Problem-Solving and Decision-Making for Leaders (LED 505). This course provides students with rational analytical tools to facilitate handling of both routine and non-routine management functions. These tools are systematic techniques or processes designed to improve a manager's ability to gather, organize, and evaluate information in the areas of problem-solving, decision-making, and plan implementation.
  • Values Aligned Leadership (LED 510). This course provides an overview of the classic historical and philosophical views of leadership and ethical theories within a framework for evaluating organizational leaders' decisions and actions. Case studies are integrated with a theoretical model for values-aligned leadership and provide relevant examples for effective ethical leadership practices within a Christian worldview.
  • Leading in Intercultural Business Environments (LED 515). This course provides an overview of leading and conducting business in a variety of international business cultures including the impact of geography and cultural distance; how these differences impact markets, products, finance, and human resource management; why people around the world engage in different business practices; and the effect of the advancement of technology on international business.
  • MBA Capstone Course (MBA 699). The Capstone course has been designed to assist MBA students in assimilating and synthesizing all of the material covered over the course of their program at CCU. The final project in this course will be completion of the proposal that was created in Business Research (RES 501).

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