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MBA — Enterprise Agility Emphasis

There is an emerging demand for agile enterprise leaders. CCU's MBA with an emphasis in enterprise agility is designed to train students in all major aspects of managing high-level projects, including strategic management, organizational leadership, and project-based teamwork utilizing agile concepts.

The program integrates academics with moral principles from Scripture, so you can grow as a servant leader, strengthen your ethical framework, enhance and build valuable career skills, and responsibly influence your profession.

Program Focus

Enterprise agility fundamentals, strategic management, organizational leadership, and project-based teamwork

Incorporating agile concepts provides organizational leaders with the ability to move more quickly and respond to rapid, on-demand changes in a competitive and dynamic environment. Enterprise agility is a discipline that takes agile concepts beyond information technology to assist organizations in being more responsive to the market place.

CCU's MBA with an emphasis in enterprise agility integrates agile concepts and frameworks with the knowledge, skills, and organizational practices necessary to set and attain the strategic objectives, innovation, and competitive advantage necessary to effectively lead 21st century multi-national organizations.

Who should get an MBA with a Enterprise Agility emphasis?

MBA degree students who select the enterprise agility emphasis tend to have strong business or technical backgrounds. Organizational leaders with an understanding of the benefits of on-demand knowledge sharing, adaptability, and innovation can benefit from CCU’s MBA in Enterprise Agility.

The curriculum is based on real-world business situations, giving students practical, hands-on experience that is applicable in their current work situation. In addition to equipping students with marketable skills, the enterprise agility emphasis also challenges students to consider how personal ethics and values can impact their work.

CCU’s Enterprise Agility emphasis courses

CCU’s accounting courses will prepare you to blend a focused business experience with technical aspects of accounting. You’ll integrate academics with moral principles from Scripture so you can grow as a servant leader, strengthen your ethical framework, and responsibly influence your profession.

The Enterprise Agility emphasis includes 13 online courses. Some of the foundation courses include:

  • Enterprise Agility Concepts and Project Management (EAG 520). This course takes a deep dive into enterprise agility concepts and application as compared to other project management frameworks. Students will compare models such as Lean, XP, Scrum and Kanban and determine the best approach for an organization within its competitive landscape.
  • Enterprise Agility in Practice (EAG 560). This course introduces students to the practice of enterprise agility in a business environment. Students will increase their knowledge of Agile frameworks and roles through hands-on experimentation and biblical concepts.
  • Enterprise Agility and Corporate Strategy (EAG 610). This course takes the fundamentals of enterprise agility and applies these concepts at the corporate level. Students will learn how to take the agile principles (e.g. rapid system development life cycles) and apply them synergistically to the strategic operations of all the departments in an organization.
  • Leadership and Management I (LED 501). The leadership and management course helps learners understand the theories and realities of the managerial functions and processes in organizations. The course also explores organizational leadership/”followership” issues with special emphasis on the Biblical principles related to organizational leadership.
  • Management Information Systems (ACC 525). This course is based on the premise that it is difficult, if not impossible, to manage a modern organization without basic knowledge of information systems; i.e., what information systems are, how they affect the organization and its employees, and how they can make businesses more efficient and competitive. Participants develop knowledge, sensitivities, and skills that will enable them to stay current in the fast changing MIS environment.

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