What Jobs Can I Get with a Marketing Degree

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Oct 22, 2020

A marketing degree is versatile, preparing you to work in a variety of industries. Don’t be deceived, your education journey will be steeped in marketing-specific coursework, but you will be a relevant hire to most any business. Every industry needs a way to communicate how and why people need their products or services.

We want to kick start your job search by telling you about 7 jobs you can get with a marketing degree.

  1. Campaign Manager 

    A campaign manager ensures that all marketing campaigns are fully executed and successful. Campaign Managers will work with their teams to draft marketing campaign plans, to ensure every outlet of marketing is covered in a new initiative. This position would be most similar to a project manager.

    Median Pay: $116,180

  2. Market Research Analyst 

    Market Research Analysts explore specific industries, examine markets, and compare and contrast product offerings for competitive analysis and make actionable recommendations for businesses. They gather and analyze audience demographics, behaviors, needs, and historical buying habits. A market research analyst will employ a variety of tactics for his or her job, including polls, interviews, focus groups, or questionnaires, just to name a few.

    Median Pay: $63,790

  3. Sales Manager

    Sales Managers lead company sales teams, create attainable sales goals, and drive strong results. You should expect to have experience in planning and implementing sales strategies, managing customer relationships, providing great customer service, and have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

    Median Pay: $126,640

  4. Social Media Specialist

    Social Media Specialists manage social platforms for organic and paid media efforts as well as developing audiences for targeted marketing efforts. A Social Media Specialist is also responsible for managing community engagement across all social media platforms, including quickly responding to questions and comments. The specialist may also monitor site metrics, respond to reader comments, and oversee creative design.

    Median Pay: $56,770

  5. Public Relations Coordinator

    Public Relations Coordinators maintain positive brand image and develop strategies to stay relevant and maximize visibility for a brand. PR Coordinators help to manage the overall public image and health of a brand or client. The goal is to maintain positive brand image and develop strategies to stay relevant and maximize visibility. This includes increasing media presence, popularity, and leveraging multiple channels of communication and online media platforms to promote their brand image.

    Median Pay: $61,150

  6. Marketing Manager

    Marketing managers plan, direct, and coordinate marketing efforts alongside a marketing team. They generate awareness, assess competition, trends, and ensure profit maximization. Working across almost every possible industry, marketing managers are critical to a company’s success. They might manage internal teams, write promotional messaging and products, provide creative direction, and distribute brand content through various traditional and online channels.

    Median Pay: $136,850

  7. Email Marketing Specialist

    Email Marketing Specialists plan and execute email marketing strategies for an organization, including creative, data analysis, and copywriting. An email marketing specialist is typically a sound digital marketer that can build segmented email lists, creating great copy and creative assets, and develop business leads through written communications. They must also be proficient in complex software that distributes and measures mass email communications effectively against the competition.

    Median Pay: $61,150 

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All salary data has been taken from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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