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What can you do with an Information Technology Degree?

Technology is complex, robust, and constantly evolving, it is an exciting time to enter the field of technology. If you enjoy the benefits of using programs, gadgets, and apps, you might equally enjoy creating, innovating, and problem-solving in the field of Information Technology.

What is a computer information technology degree?

There are as many definitions as there are computer people but I see it as using information technology to solve problems. This could involve resolving an error within an online banking app or discovering a smoother operating system for a smartphone. Both software and hardware fall under information technology. Any device that you work with or own involves information technology in one way or another. Problem-solving is a primary skill for someone interested in this field. If you are passionate about either of these key skills, this degree is for you!

How much can I make with an information technology degree?

According to PayScale, IT industry salary averages by degree are:

Jobs in the Computer Information Technology Industry

The jobs available within IT are varied and specialized. Here are some examples of common employment with this degree:

  • Computer Programmers
  • Information Security Analysts
  • Web Developers
  • Network Engineer
  • Telecommunications

Does an information technology degree from CCU Online make sense for you?

The focus of CCU Online's computer information technology program is beyond compare of other universities.

CCU Online is Christ-Centered, integrating faith and a biblical worldview throughout all of our programs while providing mastery of current technologies using the web, object-oriented and structured concepts.

The information technology program teaches you to evaluate skills and fix existing software over an individual's ability to generate code only they understand. This degree program not only encompasses the "need-to-knows" of coding software, but CCU Online emphasizes analysis and design with a problem-solving approach.

What Sets CCU Online Apart from Other Online Universities?

  • CCU Online emphasizes innovation and maintainable solutions over a "that is how we have always done it" mentality.
  • The program is holistic and cohesive from beginning to end.
  • The program moves beyond files, which are limited in scope and analysis to databases and information which though business intelligence is accessible and vital for business decision-making.
  • Illustrates the importance of security.
  • Uses gamification to challenge the norms of teaching.
  • The program explores traditional and open source programming and database coding and design.
  • Integrates business concepts with technology to enhance requirement creation and understanding of business users.


Colorado Christian University does not guarantee any job placement as a result of earning this or any other degrees offered by the university.

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