Associate's Degree in Computer Science

Computer Science Associate Degree, A.S.

The online Associate of Science in Computer Science program at CCU focuses on creating new types of technology and the cutting-edge development of innovative computer solutions. You will be equipped to understand internal structures such as system memory, data storage optimization, and various utilities seeking to improve technology performance. This program will prepare you to adapt to the rapidly developing field of computer science in a variety of areas within the industry, including software, applications, systems engineering, and computer systems security.

Program Focus

An introduction to application development, theory, and design for computer systems

The computer science degree program will equip you to develop algorithms using computational theory and the use of operating systems, compiler design, and software engineering with applied projects and analysis. In addition to gaining foundational knowledge in these key areas, students explore the relationship between computer science and Christianity.

You can complete your associate degree in less than two years, even without any prior coursework.

Putting Your Computer Science Degree to Use

Computer Science degrees are among the highest in-demand degrees in the market today. CCU's Computer Science program involves challenging coursework and your professors will equip you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to emerge as a valuable individual and contributor within the workplace. Many of the lessons learned throughout the program apply to everyday life and offer you a spiritual foundation to grow in your relationship with Christ.

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