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Advance your career with an online B.S. in Computer Science

CCU's online Bachelor of Science in Computer Science equips you with the technical skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in a fast-paced and ever-changing field. This Computer Science degree focuses on developing new types of technology and cutting-edge development of innovative computer solutions. You will engage in complex development utilizing programming and higher mathematics skills commonly used in the industry. In addition to gaining foundational knowledge in key areas of the field, you will explore the relationship between computer science and a biblical worldview.

Program Focus

Application development, theory, and design for computer systems

The computer science program integrates elements from computer information technology, data engineering, and information systems management. Students learn to develop algorithms using computational theory and the use of operating systems, compiler design, and software engineering with applied projects and analysis. You will also learn about internal structures such as system memory, data storage optimization, and various utilities seeking to improve performance.

Putting Your Computer Science Degree to Use

Computer scientists are integral in the development of technology such as robotics, manufacturing automation, modeling and simulation, scientific visualization, high-performance computing (HPC), and supercomputing. CCU's online computer science program helps you learn the technical and professional skills employers are looking for.

Computer Science is a highly technical area in the field of computing. Your success in this program is directly linked to a strong mathematics background as well as critical thinking skills. You will be prepared for research scientist positions. These positions begin with basic programming and continue toward application and systems developers.

State Exclusions for Online Students

Colorado Christian University is required by the U.S. Department of Education to be in compliance with state laws regarding where we can offer distance and/or online education. The College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University offers courses to online students in all states with some exceptions for specific academic programs.

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