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Advance your career with an online A.S. in Data Analytics

CCU's online associate degree in Data Analytics is a highly technical and highly valued degree program. Data Analytics is a form of business intelligence, used to solve specific problems and challenges within an organization. As a part of this program, students will consider questions that many businesses ask or should be asking in regard to the analysis of data in an organization. Data Analytics students will learn to find patterns within groups of data and draw conclusions based on their observation of the data.

Program Focus

Builds on the foundations of database design and management along with data engineering concepts

You will be equipped to process and analyze raw data to gain insight into critical information. Moreover, the relationship between data analytics and a biblical worldview is integrated into each course.

You can complete your associate degree in less than two years, even without any prior coursework.

Putting Your Data Analytics Degree to Use

The Data Analytics degree program seeks to provide you with current and relevant skills that will allow you to adapt to a rapidly developing and growing field. Data Analytics is a demanding industry and CCU prepares you to face it by equipping you with the necessary knowledge and expertise to emerge as a valuable individual and contributor within the workplace.

Potential Data Analytics Careers

There are various career options you can pursue with an associate degree in Data Analytics including, market research analyst, operations research analyst, management consultant, business intelligence analyst, data analyst, data scientist, data engineer, quantitative analyst, data analytics consultant, project manager, IT systems analyst, and a database analyst.

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