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Advance your career with an online B.S. in Data Analytics

CCU's online Bachelor of Science in Data Analytics degree program will equip you with the technical skills needed for the analysis of quantitative research data, with an emphasis in data analysis. This program requires a strong mathematics and statistics foundation paired with critical thinking skills. The coursework provides students with a deep knowledge of application development and theoretical practice for design, management, and use of data analysis for decision-making.

Program Focus

Database administration and development, data mining, data modeling, data strategy, business data analysis, and business system analysis

Ethics are a critical component of this data analytics program. There is a moral and ethical obligation to not only collect but also report data fairly and truthfully. Beyond these basic ethical and moral considerations, the relationship between data analytics and a biblical worldview is integrated into each course.

Putting Your Data Analytics Degree to Good Use

By drawing on the key elements of computer science, computational theory, statistics and interdisciplinary applications, skills in data analytics open doors to almost any field that relies on data analytics and decision making.

Within leading technology companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations, data analytics is being harnessed to improve efficiencies, target new customers, and market products and services. Big data has become big business. Discover how you can launch a rewarding career in a fast-paced field with a bachelor's degree in Data Analytics.

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