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What Can I Do With a Biblical Studies Degree?

It's no surprise that Colorado Christian University places an emphasis on Bible study including the history of and teachings of the Bible and how to live a Christ-centered life professionally and personally.

CCU currently offers three programs related to Biblical Studies

Now that you know what CCU offers regarding Biblical Studies, Ethics, and Christian Leadership, you may be wondering how these degrees, minors, and certificates can be used in the "real world." What are some careers I can pursue upon graduation? For what jobs will these degrees prepare me? Let's take a brief look at each program and how you may use it upon completion.

Biblical Studies A.A.

This two-year degree combines a liberal arts foundation with an introduction to Biblical Studies, Theology, and Christian doctrine. Christian values are emphasized in every course, and spiritual formation is a key focus.

The Biblical Studies Associate Degree prepares you for various ministry positions, working in missions, and social service opportunities and helps you with your own personal spiritual formation, which can better prepare you to serve in either a Christian or secular environment.

Additionally, the associate degree provides a foundation for further career advancement if you continue on to complete your bachelor's degree. All 60 credit hours from your CCU Biblical Studies associate degree may be applied to our Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies. Once you complete your bachelor's degree, you can even continue on to our Master of Arts in Counseling or Master of Organizational Leadership program for more advanced career options.

Biblical Studies B.A.

This 120-credit-hour degree will cover the major theological themes in the Bible and teach you how to interpret the Bible. According to CCU, "The goal for graduates of the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Biblical Studies degree program is not to master the Bible, but rather to be mastered by the Bible and to be servants of God to those with whom you come in contact." You will study the history of Israel, the Old Testament, and the life and teachings of Jesus Christ according to the gospel accounts. This degree provides a foundation for seminary, some ministry positions, missions, social service, and your own spiritual development.

Biblical Studies Certificate

This program consists of three required courses and an elective course; courses can be taken online or on campus. Earning a Biblical Studies Certificate helps you develop knowledge of the Old and New Testaments, and you gain a basic understanding of the basic themes and schools of thought in Christian theology. You will be taught how to integrate the knowledge of the Bible with modern world issues and current events.

What You Can Do With Your Biblical Studies Degree

A degree in Christian studies may be the right choice for individuals who have a strong faith in their religion and a desire to help others with their religious questions and spiritual development. These programs might also be pursued by others who simply want a deeper understanding of the religion. With a degree in Christian studies, you may be qualified to work in the clergy, as a ministry director, or as a foreign or domestic missionary. Depending on the requirements, people with Biblical Studies degrees have gone on to be enrollment counselors at schools, educational program directors, chaplains, youth pastors, and even social workers!

If you complete a Biblical Studies degree program, career opportunities abound!


Colorado Christian University does not guarantee any job placement as a result of earning this or any other degrees offered by the university.

Find out what options you have for continuing your education and learning more about a future career in this exciting field!

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