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Theology Master's Degree, M.A.

The Master of Arts in Theological Studies will provide you with a theological exploration of God, humanity, and human relationships to God and the world. This online Theology master's degree will prepare you for Christian ministry with knowledge, skills, and a strong foundation that will strengthen your biblical understanding from a theological perspective. This degree program in theology may also appeal to you if you desire personal enrichment and a deeper understanding of God's Word.

Program Focus

God's story in the Bible through historical, ethical, apologetic, systematic theology, and aesthetic perspectives.

As a result of your studies at CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies, you will be equipped with the biblical and theological training to minister effectively in the church, lay ministry, parachurch organizations, the workplace, or academic settings.

What is the difference between biblical studies and theology?

While many people use the terms Bible and Theology synonymously, they are quite different. Our Biblical Studies vs. Theology comparison highlights the differences between them. This can help you determine which of CCU's online programs can best meet your educational goals — the M.A. in Biblical Studies or M.A. in Theological Studies can best meet your educational goals.

Jobs with a theology master's degree

In CCU's theology master's program, you will develop a biblical-theological basis for Christian ethics, leadership, maturity, and service and will find yourself academically competent and spiritually prepared as an informed theologian for work as a pastor, missionary, ministry leader, or in academia. This theology degree will also provide academic training and leadership skills for further doctoral studies in Christian theology.

Flexible options for adult students

This master's in theology is offered entirely online. You can complete the degree in as little as two years of full-time study or take up to four years to graduate.

In the M.A. in theology program, you'll enjoy small classes with other working adults who bring the richness of diverse backgrounds to discussions, adding dimension to the program. Throughout the program, you'll be mentored by qualified professors with strong academic credentials and significant experience in their fields.

State Exclusions for Online Students

Colorado Christian University is required by the U.S. Department of Education to be in compliance with state laws regarding where we can offer distance and/or online education. The College of Adult and Graduate Studies at Colorado Christian University offers courses to online students in all states with some exceptions for specific academic programs.

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