M.A. in Theological Studies FAQs

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Questions About CCU's Master's Degree in Theology

If you're interested in earning a master's degree in Theological Studies, find answers to frequently asked questions about this program below. For additional questions, please contact a CCU enrollment counselor today!

Is the Master of Arts in Theological Studies program accredited?

All of Colorado Christian University's programs are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. Visit our Accreditation site for details.

How many credit hours is the M.A. in Theological Studies program and how long does it take to complete?

The program is 39 credit hours and can be completed in as little as two years with full-time study, or take up to four years to complete. See the M.A. in Theological Studies Curriculum page for additional information.

How does the M.A. in Theological Studies compare with the M.A. in Biblical Studies?

While both master's degrees are related to the Bible, there are several different focus areas. See our Comparison of the M.A. in Theological Studies and the M.A. in Biblical Studies web page for details.

How much does the program cost?

View current tuition and fees for the M.A. in Theological Studies program.

Is financial aid available?

See our Financial Aid site for detailed information about financial aid and payment options for graduate students. The first step in applying for financial aid is to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). You are also encouraged to check with your employer about additional tuition benefits that may be available through your company.

How does the online format work?

The master's in Theology classes blend the latest eLearning technology with the latest educational theory and practice. Students attend classes online, do research using the Internet, exchange emails, and participate in online discussions. Even assignments and tests are submitted online. Weekly assignments are required, but the course design generally allows participants to complete coursework at the times and places that work best for them before scheduled deadlines.

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