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From Colorado to South Korea: CCU Alumna Rachel Williamson's Inspiring Journey

Colorado Christian University’s mission is to provide Christ-centered higher education that transforms students to impact the world with grace and truth.

Rachel Williamson took that to heart and followed her grandmother's advice to pursue her dreams, which led her on an unforgettable journey from Colorado Springs to Gwangju, South Korea and back.

Williamson grew up in a close-knit family in Colorado Springs making frequent visits to see her grandmother, who lived just a short distance from the CCU campus. Little did she know that her grandmother's constant encouragement to attend CCU would shape her future in ways she never imagined.

"She's literally only five minutes west of campus," Williamson said of her grandmother. "We used to drive by CCU all the time, and she'd tell me I could live with her and go to school there."

Although Williamson didn't immediately enroll at CCU, her path eventually led her to South Korea, where she spent nearly a decade teaching English as a second language. In Gwangju, a bustling city of over 1.5 million people, she taught at various schools and explored the country's rich culture and history.

While in Gwangju, her grandmother's advice came back to her, and she discovered that CCU's online programs offered the flexibility she needed to balance work and education.

"CCU was the only one that gave me the option to take one class at a time and not be stressed out," Williamson explained.

Through CCU's College of Adult and Graduate Studies, Williamson earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communications online from South Korea. The experience provided her with a quality education and allowed her to explore her faith in a supportive environment.

Inspired by her love for teaching, Williamson decided to continue her educational journey at CCU, enrolling in the Master of Education in Special Education program. As she completes the final year of her master's program, she reflects on her incredible journey and the opportunities that CCU has given her.

Rachel Williamson's story is a testament to the power of following one's dreams, the importance of family support, and the transformative impact of a CCU education.

To read more about Rachel Williamson's journey from Colorado Springs to Gwangju and back again, check out the full article in the fall 2023 issue of Beyond magazine.

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