Master's Degree in Special Education

Special Education Master's Degree, M.Ed.

The Master of Education in Special Education program provides students with the tools to begin their professional career in teaching. At Colorado Christian University, master's in Special Education graduates develop abilities to integrate complex data from educational theory, practice, applied research, and critical thinking skills needed to discern emerging issues in the field of Special Education.


Since special education is considered a high-need area, students in CCU's special education licensure programs may be eligible for the TEACH grant. Learn more on our Scholarships website.

Special Education Program Options

The M.Ed. in Special Education offers several program options to meet specific educator needs.

  • Special Education Licensure Track: Candidates seeking licensure may pursue a license either through the Master of Education licensure path or through the one-year Master of Education Alternative Licensing Emphasis.
  • Special Education Non-licensure Track: The non-licensure track is for candidates who already have a teaching license and are seeking a Generalist Endorsement or for those who merely wish to have a Master of Education in Special Education degree.
  • Special Education Alternative Licensing Emphasis: CCU is authorized by the Colorado Department of Education to offer a one-year program for non-licensed teachers who are teaching in a Colorado public or private school.
  • Special Education Generalist Endorsement: Students who complete this track will be eligible to receive a Special Education Endorsement on their Colorado teaching license but will not earn a full master’s degree.
    • 43 credit hours for the licensure track; 37 credit hours for the non-licensure track; 38 credit hours for the generalist endorsement track
    • Designed for busy adult learners; complete in as little as 24 months of consecutive coursework, even with a full-time job
    • The program provides a special focus on autism spectrum disorders
    • Graduates of the licensure track will obtain a master's degree with a recommendation for Special Education Generalist Licensure
    • Graduates meet the requirements for certification by the Association of Christian Schools International
    • TEACH Grants may be available in high-needs areas for students who complete the licensure track
    • For the licensure track, students can transfer up to 12 graduate-level credit hours from a regionally accredited college or university
    • For the non-licensure track, students can transfer up to 8 graduate-level credit hours from a regionally accredited college or university
    • Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission

Jobs with a special education master's degree

The Master of Education in Special Education program at Colorado Christian University covers a range of traditional and innovative approaches to special needs education that supports best practices and strategic collaboration for leading public and private K-12 education. This special education master's degree is ideal for those with the desire to improve special education in education systems.

Professional Licensure Disclosure

Colorado Christian University offers several academic programs which lead to professional licensure in the state of Colorado and, in some programs, prepare students for a national exam. All students should be aware that states vary in their educational and professional requirements depending on the profession. Some states require specific educational requirements, clinical requirements, accreditation requirements, or exam requirements. See professional licensure disclosures for details.

State Exclusions for Online Students

The School of Education Professions at Colorado Christian University offers courses to online students in all states with the exception of the following program-specific state exclusions:

  • CAGS does not offer Educator Licensure or Non-Licensure courses (undergraduate or graduate) to online students who reside in Hawaii.

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