The 5 Highest Paying Careers in Counseling for 2015

The 5 Highest Paying Careers in Counseling

What is the average salary for a counselor? Here's a close look at different types of counselors and their salaries.

Do you know what's so great about counseling? It lets you affect lasting, genuine changes in people's lives while furnishing you with a comfortable lifestyle. The wages are decent, the demand is high, and the versatility within the profession is great. Getting your counseling degree online gives you access to opportunities and viability for years to come.

If you're considering counseling, you're probably curious to take a look at the highest-paying jobs.

Five of the hottest and highest-paying counseling jobs today

School Counselor

If you're interested in cultivating young minds and driving students towards their full potential, school counseling is a nearly inevitable fit for you. It's also near the top of the highest-paying counseling jobs. The median salary is $57,040 per year, and the clockwork growth rate means ample opportunities to spread your wings.

Career Counselor

In many ways, this path is much like becoming a school counselor. The biggest difference is the clientèle. Just like young people, adults can have difficulty in determining career goals and building necessary skills. Career counselors are there to optimize those efforts, and they're well compensated for it. The median salary is in the $57,040 range and offers steady opportunities to advance.

Mental Health, Marriage, and Family Counselor

No matter what specialty you settle upon, this family of counseling services focuses on people going through acute events in their lives. It makes for emotional, nurturing, and highly satisfying work. The base salary for this branch is around $49,610 per year. However, the astonishing projected growth rate of 29% means that these salaries are likely to see dramatic increases within the next ten years.

Rehabilitation Counselor

Rehabilitation counselors foster independence in their clients. It will be your duty to guide people through physical and emotional turmoil. It's a tall order, and unfortunately not currently among the highest paying careers. The average rehabilitation counselor can expect to make $35,950 annually. However, we include it for its generous growth rate of 20%. The extreme demand for these talented and compassionate professionals means financial compensation will soon be on the rise.

Gerontological Counselor

Gerontological counseling is becoming more prevalent due to increasing lifespans and improving medical coverage. Marrying your online counseling degree to health care interests like hospital geriatrics improves your salary. Some professionals who have done this are currently making more than $50,470, and the growth rate is over 30% by some estimations!

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