Grace – Jon Mulder

When I was given the option to pick a topic to write on, I immediately thought of grace.  The reason being is because I strongly believe that grace is the reason I am here today.  The grace of God is why I’ll be able to spend eternity with him.  The other reason I wanted to talk about grace is because I have screwed up so many times in my life.  I have often wondered before how I could possibly be good enough to be in heaven? I had always heard that faith was the way to heaven, but I still felt like I wasn’t good enough.  It just seemed too easy to get into heaven.  I believe in God, and my faith is in him, but there still felt like there needed to be something more.  The more that I dived into the world, the more I kept reading about God’s grace.  I am so thankful for his grace, and for sending his Son Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins.  Whenever you feel down, or feel like you aren’t good enough, just remind yourself of God’s grace.  We definitely don’t deserve it, but he loves each and every one of us, and that’s certainly something to be thankful for.