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    Religious Liberty, CCU Symposium 2016

    September 12-13, 2016

    CCU’s mission is to positively impact our culture and encourage “seekers of truth.” The annual Symposium program is an invitation for our students, faculty, and staff to gather in community and focus on current issues within our nation. This gathering facilitates a dialogue, exploring how Christians can respond to these issues with godly principles – with the intent of turning the tide away from discriminating against people of faith and toward honoring Christ.

    All CCU students, faculty, and staff are intentionally educated on these issues and trained on how to respond with love, purpose, and impact. As a University, our education in the classroom emphasizes the Christian worldview and encourages students to translate that into a life of service and action – action that can change the world.

    Please join us for the fourth annual Symposium where we will explore religious freedom, and why it is vital to preserving our health, unity, and purpose as God’s creation.

    Parking for the CCU Event Center is located in the shared parking lot on the West side of campus. If entering from Alameda, follow the drive around campus to the West side. If entering from Garrison, the parking lot is near the entrance.