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What are the Most Common Types of Business Degrees?

What are the most common types of business degrees?

It's a plain fact that the most of the college degrees earned today are business degrees. But a business degree is rarely just a "business degree." In the multifaceted and expansive world of business, diversification and specialization is imperative. What, then, are the most common types of business degrees?

Accounting Degrees
Accounting degrees have constantly been a top-choice for those headed into business. The accounting degree furnishes the business student with the raw skills necessary for gaining an entry-level position with a good company, hopefully a "Big Four" accounting firm. With his or her toehold in corporate America, the successful accounting student can begin to climb the ladder towards greater success.

Business Management Degrees
The second most common types of business degrees are management-focused degrees. The secret to success in the business world is not long-term labor as an individual contributor, but rather a management role within a company. Thus, a business management degree enables the student to quickly rise in the ranks, or even to gain an entry-level position as a manager or assistant manager in a small business.

International Business Degrees
A third common type of business degree is a degree in international business. International business students can gain a firm grasp of business principles, macroeconomics, and even foreign languages, enabling them to confidently enter the world of international business.

Entrepreneurship Degrees
With the financial meltdown of recent years, one of the most popular types of business degrees is a business degree in entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurial degrees train the business student in all aspects of business, apart from industry-specific instruction. The entrepreneur-in-training is immediately at an advantage upon graduation, having the knowledge to work as a successful employee, but also the intellectual wherewithal to launch his or her own business. For obvious reasons, this is the business major of choice for many students today.


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