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Keeping the Faith When Life Gets Busy

When you are facing a busy schedule, it is hard to take time for simple prayers and a moment of peace to reflect on your faith, beliefs, or dreams. Between a work schedule, classes in school, and any obligations you have to your family, it can seem that you do not have the time to think, much less plan or spend time reflecting on your goals and beliefs. Despite the busy schedule, it is possible to keep the faith at the most unexpected times.

Stop and Breathe When Doubts Creep In

A busy lifestyle is hard to manage, especially when it does not give enough time for proper rest. During those times, it is easy to start doubting and worrying about goals, dreams or religious beliefs.

Any time that doubts creep in, take a slow breath in and slowly release it. By taking time to breathe, you are allowing the doubts to fade away and focusing on a different thought. At that time, you can renew your beliefs and reflect on your goals.

Breathing is a natural part of life and it takes only a few seconds. It will not prevent you from accomplishing your obligations, but it will give you a moment of peace.

Set Aside Time for Faith

Even if you are struggling to balance full-time employment, night classes, and the obligations of a parent, you can still set aside a little time for your faith. Organize your schedule and identify times when you can sit and reflect.

On the busiest days, you might have limited time available for your own needs and quiet time, but it is important when you are trying to keep the faith and balance other obligations. Set aside five minutes of the day, such as when you first wake up or before bed, to reflect on your faith. Even reading a single verse during a morning cup of coffee will help revitalize your faith and goals.

A busy lifestyle can make it hard to remember your faith. Doubts can creep in during the most unexpected moments. Fortunately, it is possible to put aside those doubts by taking a few minutes each day to renew your beliefs in your own mind.

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