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7 Unique Jobs You Can Get with a Business Administration Degree

The phrase "business administration" brings to mind professional office environments with dress codes and regular business hours for many people. While you can certainly get to that place on the business administration path, if it's where you want to end up, those looking for a different kind of work environment may be interested in these business administration degree jobs that take you beyond the typical office environment.

1 – Appraiser

You'll need some background education in appraising, and a license in most states, but using the business and people skills you gain with your business administration degree to work as a real estate appraiser gives you the freedom to travel around your local area, instead of being stuck behind a desk.

Median annual salary, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS): $49,540

2 – Contract Negotiator

As a contract negotiator, you'll serve as a mediator between two businesses, helping them design contracts that are agreeable to both parties. Some businesses employ in-house negotiators, which keeps you in the office, but you can also work as a freelance consultant.

Mean annual salary, according to the BLS: $68,840

3 – Credit Counselor

Many banking and credit organizations hire people with B.A. backgrounds and good math skills to help make decisions, or to collect, on credit accounts. You can also work as a credit counselor from the consumer side, where you'll help those in debt create budgets and payment plans.

Mean annual salary, according to the BLS: $43,670

4 – Market Research Analyst

If the latest products on the market interest you, turn your business administration education into a career as a market research analyst. Analysts help companies determine which products will be successful, the buyers for products, and the best market prices.

Mean annual salary, according to the BLS: $60,300

5 – E-commerce Web Developer

To be a website designer, you need coding and graphic design experience. A B.A. degree gives you the unique background to create and maintain e-commerce sites, which require business prowess along with developer skills.

Mean annual salary, according to the BLS: $66,100

6 – Event Manager

Those who can manage a business can manage an event. If the social scene is your game, put your degree to good use as an event planner. Some large companies hire full-time planners for marketing events, parties, and company meetings, or, if you prefer to be your own boss, go it alone and fill your roster with work from multiple companies.

Mean annual salary, according to the BLS: $45,810

7 – Public Relations Specialist

Putting a company in the best light is the job of a public relations specialist. In this job, you plan public events, set up interviews, and serve as the public face of a company.

Mean annual salary, according to the BLS: $61,980

Despite its name, a degree in business administration doesn't mean you have no choice but to serve as the administrator of a business. A business degree is, by nature, a general degree that opens up many opportunities both inside and outside corporate offices. Whether you spend your days behind a desk or never see one is entirely up to you.


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