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4 Entry Level Business Admin Jobs to Help Climb the Corporate Ladder

It is only natural to wonder what entry-level jobs will help you quickly climb the career ladder and best utilize your business degree. Read below for the top four entry-level business administration jobs that will lead to even greater career opportunities:

Junior Tax Associate

The main job of a junior tax associate is to assist tax associates as they review companies' fiscal reporting systems, ensuring all Internal Revenue Service guidelines are being followed. A business administration degree is applicable for this job. However, training in accounting, taxation, or auditing is even better. Eventually, a junior tax associate can become the primary tax associate for a company.

Sales Associate

Becoming a sales associate in virtually any business will offer many opportunities for advancement and utilize a business administration degree. For example, a sales associate who begins working at an insurance company under seasoned insurance specialists can advance to become a highly successful sales associate or even own their own insurance company. Of course, that is just one example of several career avenues that are possible via a sales associate position. Essentially, anyone who obtains a sales associate job and enters into the business arena can advance if they are willing to work hard and have a natural propensity for sales.

Assistant to an Office Manager

Another entry-level job that has a high ceiling of potential is an office manager assistant. This job can be realized in a wide range of offices. For example, lawyer's offices, investor's offices, banks, doctor's offices, tax offices, architect's offices, and many, many other professionals need an office manager to keep the day-to-day operations of their office running smoothly. If an individual enters into this type of job; the door opens to acquiring further training to begin working with clients.

Personal Assistant

When entering the corporate world, becoming a personal assistant is a great way to learn the intricacies of a corporate career and eventually move up the ladder. After learning from their superiors and co-workers, a personal assistant has the potential to be the prime candidate to move up in the company when openings become available.

Assistant Market Research Analyst

Market research is a field that is growing by leaps and bounds, making it an ideal start for someone who possesses a business administration degree. Eventually, an assistant can move up to become the primary market research analyst for a company, which is a lucrative and worthwhile career. Market researchers essentially study and analyze trends through the use of questionnaires, opinion polls, and surveys. This information is used to help companies produce products or offer services that will be desired by the general population.

Companies that utilize this type of research regularly include colleges, government agencies, and any company that markets to the public. The jobs listed above are just several of many entry-level business administration jobs that can help new graduates get a leg up on the corporate ladder.


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