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How to Reach Your Goal of Leading a Christian Non-profit Organization

Christian non-profit organizations serve a vital purpose. After all, faith-based organizations such as Habitat for Humanity or HOPE meet a need and further God’s will, all while ministering to His people, making them worthy of admiration.

If you have the desire to serve God through the creation and day-to-day operation of a non-profit Christian organization, the five tips below will prove instrumental to help achieve your goals:


The first step in starting a successful Christian non-profit organization is an education in management. This could include a Master’s degree in organizational leadership. This education will become invaluable when you face the ins and outs of running a successful nonprofit organization.

Create a Mission Statement

Before creating a non-profit organization, religious or otherwise, you should write a mission statement that will outline the short and long-term goals that you hope to reach through your organization. After creating a well-thought-out mission statement, write it on the legal documentation required for tax-exempt status.

Form a Board of Directors

Another crucial step in running a Christian non-profit organization is the creation of a board of directors. Factors such as connections, personal beliefs, and organizational skills should be considered when choosing board members. The board of directors will serve in an advisory role and deal with structural and legal issues that might come up, in addition to setting up organizational protocol. Ideal candidates to serve could be anyone who is an accountant, political leader, religious leader, lawyer, or banker, just to name a few.

Develop a Business Plan and Budget

Before opening a non-profit organization, you want to create a business plan and budget to determine how much money will be required to operate the organization for the first year. This will include a plan to acquire grants and donations as well as ideas for fundraisers. Make a point to find out how other organizations have led successful fundraising campaigns for a good example of how to start building campaigns of your own.

File the Proper Paperwork

To get your organization started on the proper footing, you must file the paperwork to the jurisdiction in which you want your organization incorporated. This should include paperwork for obtaining 501(c) status with the Internal Revenue Service, acquiring federal employer identification, and obtaining local and state tax exemption from local and state departments of revenue. If you are unsure what forms or papers need to be filed for your specific organization, acquire the services of a tax professional.

The five tips listed above are helpful tips to start and run a Christian non-profit organization. CCU loves to hear a good success story, share your story in our comments section! Click the link for more information about this exciting program.

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